Lunch at Latinoamerica Unida

Hey y’all!                       Taco at Latinamerica Unida

Recently I was craving some tacos and was in and around the Cambridge area. I did a quick Google search and was beckoned to Urbanspoon Cambridge. A name popped out to me with a high rating, Latinamerica Unida.
Located in the artsy Galt downtown area in Cambridge, on 18 Concession St, Unit 101, I punched it into my GPS and started driving.

It is a small, homely type eatery, extremely friendly owners, and you can tell off the bat that you are in for some authentic Mexican tacos. I ordered a couple of beef tacos with a Mexican coke (Yes, they have Mexican coke!) and had a seat. The decor is nicely done with tons of great souvenirs relating to Mexico. Also, they have a small area for Mexican cooking goods for purchase. If you are in the area and are looking for some Mexican tortillas give them a try!

The food was placed elegantly on the plate. I elected for a medium flavoured sauce (I don’t have the greatest of stomachs!). The sauce came on the side, which I like, so you can add as much or as little as your heart desires. The tacos had two layers of tortillas, for you extreme taco fans you know what that means in terms of authenticity. The food was delicious as the sauce was flavourful and had a solid kick. Fresh cilantro gave it the extra dimension of “fresh”. Did I mention that they’re reasonably priced!

If you are in the area, give it a chance, you will not be disappointed. It is definitely an up and coming eatery in the KW region, and specifically in the downtown Galt in Cambridge!

Check out the following pages for more details, menus, prices! :
Urbanspoon                 Facebook          Yelp

Latinoamerica Unida on Urbanspoon


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